There are many different types of RN programs in California so the one that you choose will need to fit your needs. If you are fresh out of high school, you may want to enter into a campus based program but if you have been out of school a while and have a family to take care of; you may want to look into your online options. Each type of RN program in California will have its own benefits and its own downfalls as well. It will depend on you when choosing the right RN program in CA for you.

Campus Based RN Programs

In California, there are many campus based RN programs that you can choose from. You may want to start by looking into campus based programs when choosing the right RN program in CA for you. With the campus based programs, you can go with an Associate’s degree which is a two year program or you can go on to a four year Bachelor program. The four year Bachelor program is the most popular since you have more opportunities to enter into the specialty program that you want to work in. The Associate’s degree will give you the title of Registered Nurse but you will be limited to where you will be able to work. Many graduate’s with the Associate’s degree work on med/surg units, nursing homes and doctor’s offices. One thing the campus based programs will provide is clinical training requirements for students. A large part of the graduation requirements is that you must have a certain amount of hours of hands-on training. This training serves two purposes, the first is that you are given the opportunity to show off the skills that you have learned through your classroom training and the second is you can get to know those who may be giving you work in the future. This will give you a head start on your future career. Through the clinical training you will also float around to each department in the facility, which will give you the training you need and it will also let you decide which specialty, if any, you want to pursue for your career.

Online (Bridge) Programs

There are more than just campus based RN programs in California and choosing the right RN program in CA for you, you need to determine what your needs are. If you already have your Associate’s degree and want to advance your career with a Bachelor’s degree, you will have that opportunity through a bridge program. Even if you are an LPN, you can still participate in the bridge programs through accredited online universities that are based in California. With your prior degree, you can expect to earn your Bachelor degree in an easy to follow, convenient online format in less than two years. Most students complete this program in about 18 months. This program will provide additional classes in the sciences and medical fields and, depending on the program, may also provide additional, more intense, clinical training opportunities. The online program is ideal for those who think they do not have the time to devote to school to earn their nursing degree as well as those who are already working as an RN but want to advance their career.